Welcome to the Unwind Festival, 2018

The hurtling pace of our lives can, in one moment, go from exhilarating and energising into a head spin. You start feeling those little knots in your stomach, you’re struggling to keep up. In that moment what you really need is to press pause on your life. You need to take care of you and get that energy back to face the world again. You need to make time to Unwind.

We created this mini festival to give you the time and space to step off life’s treadmill and recharge without the need of an extended weekend. We’re only a short journey out of London, so it couldn’t be easier to enjoy some fabulous time for you. As parents of two little boys we know how hard it is to unwind when they are around, so we have decided to make this an adult only event.

Our programme is planned to leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on anything. Meditate yourself into a state of calm, embrace your creativity with a new craft, or feed your curiosity with a fascinating talk. Shop amongst our beautiful market stalls, restore with a beauty treatment or unwind with a massage. As the evening approaches enjoy some live music and dance into the night, or chat around the campfire with new friends. But don’t forget the early morning yoga to blow off those cobwebs and ease you into the new day. This is your time, spend it whichever way you like.

Our Team

Juliana Gedney

As a make up artist and skin care expert Juliana has been hosting boutique beauty, pamper and wellbeing events for some time. She loves the buzz of creating these events and giving people the opportunity to relax and recharge. As a veteran festival-goer and personal growth enthusiast, Juliana realized that combining her passion for wellness, parties and organising events, into her own boutique festival was the only way to go. Being a self confessed busy addict, she understands our need to jump off the hamster wheel of life to feel cared for inspired, uplifted and to connect with like-minded people. Thus Unwind Events was born…


Matthew Gedney

Matt has been organising legendary parties since he was barely old enough to, and being a farmer, he had the space and the practical ability to get really creative and sometimes rather eccentric with them. For years his loyal fans have been hoping he would host a bigger event – they will be delighted to know that finally that time has come! As the other half of the Unwind dream team Matt has taken up the challenge of building Juliana’s ideas until the vision is complete. This couple were born ready to bring us a festival that you just won’t want to leave!