Strengthen, stretch and challenge your body with your favourite style of yoga, or try a style you’ve never attempted before.

There have been countless well-documented studies on the benefits of regular practice.  Some you would expect, such as improved flexibility, strength and fitness, but there are surprising neurological benefits too.  A study by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience found that yoga prevents brain shrinkage associated with old age, and another study found improved memory and a reduction in anxiety and stress.

An improvement in cardiovascular health and lowering of blood pressure, reduced risk of cancer, improved management of diabetes* and a reduction of PMS symptoms, can be amongst the many physical benefits – as well as it making you feel great!

We have selected some fantastic teachers covering a wide range of styles, and as all classes are included in the ticket price, with so many benefits, there really is no reason to not join in.


Take a moment to still your mind and find some peace in the Unwind meditation tents.  Science has shown there are so many reasons to meditate, so if this isn’t already part of your daily routine take this opportunity to start a new habit.

Why do the most successful people in the world find the time in their busy schedules to meditate?  The cognitive benefits are endless including improved focus, creativity, decision-making and overall sense of wellbeing.  But there are physical benefits too; improved immune system, a reduction of physical pain and improved cardiovascular health.

Meditation is included in the price of your ticket, so come and let our teachers guide you.  With a variety of styles to choose from you can deepen your current knowledge, or learn the skills to unwind anytime and anywhere.


Satisfy your curiosity in a craft workshop where you can feed your soul and create something beautiful. Paint, stitch, play, whatever takes your fancy under the guidance of experienced crafters. Enjoy the sense of community that comes from crafting within a group whilst reaping the health and wellbeing benefits associated with being creative.

Research is showing what crafters and artists already know, that the process of creating makes you feel happy. By causing the brain to release dopamine, our own natural anti-depressant, the creative process reduces feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. Concentration on the task in hand turns craft and art into a meditative process, so there is little surprise that studies are showing many of the same health benefits as meditation.

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* Some workshops may charge a small amount to cover the cost of materials.


Let the Unwind team of holistic and beauty therapists restore you until you feel fabulous. Book your favourite treatment or go for something you’ve never tried before. We are bringing together therapists who will cover a wide range of treatments you are unlikely to find in any one place elsewhere.

There are so many physical and psychological benefits to be gained from these comforting treatments, yet they are so often forgotten or pushed down our priority list. Once we finally make time for a massage or facial we promise not to leave it so long next time, yet life gets busy and all too often these intentions fall away.

At Unwind you can enjoy relaxation, improved lymphatic system and tension release from a massage. Or perhaps you’d prefer the balance and mental clarity that comes from a session of energetic healing? Clear skin from a good facial or perfectly polished nails never fail to boost confidence and give us a sense of having really taken care of ourselves. We are offering 20-minute taster sessions for those who want to try something new and 50-minute treatments are also available for the full experience. We hope these options will enable you to fit as much pampering in as possible.

Please do book in advance to ensure you don’t miss out.


Feel inspired and motivated as our top quality guest speakers share their learning, thoughts and experiences. Covering such a broad range of subjects, we hope something sparks your curiosity.

Have you noticed how little you remember from school? Of all the endless exams and lessons, such a small percentage stuck, perhaps because the relevance in daily life was pretty limited. How many of us have continued to focus on learning once outside of the education system? At a guess, not many. Yet personal growth and life long learning are vital to psychological wellbeing boosting self-esteem and creativity. At Unwind we feel that learning in ways that enlighten our minds and enrich our lives shouldn’t ever stop. We are passionate about personal development and have carefully chosen speakers to get your mind engaged in ways that will question what you think you already know, and set you on a path to learning new and wonderful things.

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