De Nada

Manchester based De Nada will be heading down south for the weekend to cook up a delicious menu of South American treats for you.  Meat, vegetarian and vegan options will be on the De Nada menu, so there is something to suit everyone.  Fill up with Brazilian stews or Choripan (mouth watering Argentinian hot dogs), snack on empanadas, or indulge in De Nada’s sweeter offerings.  We are sure you will be making more than one trip to De Nada’s festival kitchen!

De Nada’s founder and chef, Samantha, has spent the last 5 years living her passion for quality home cooking, whilst bringing a slice of exotic South American cuisine to Manchester.

Samantha has always been a foodie and thanks to a long career in hospitality and catering, she really knew her way around a professional kitchen.  But it was whilst traveling South America Samantha found herself researching the local dishes she was being introduced to.  She was so taken by the flavours she came across she knew she had to take it home to Manchester. 

Samantha has established a very loyal fan base of customers who are familiar with De Nada’s reputation around South Manchester in particular.  These days De Nada can be found in the cities food markets and festivals, but not on the 30th June and 1st July when De Nada will be with us at Unwind!

Samantha has big plans to travel further afield with De Nada by getting her kitchen on four wheels and to operate from a food truck.  Unwind will be the first of her nationwide events, but we are sure you will see Samantha working away at many festivals over the coming years.