Let the Unwind team of holistic and beauty therapists restore you until you feel fabulous.  Book your favourite treatment or go for something you’ve never tried before.  We are bringing together therapists who will cover a wide range of treatments you are unlikely to find in any one place elsewhere.

There are so many physical and psychological benefits to be gained from these comforting treatments, yet they are so often forgotten or pushed down our priority list.  Once we finally make time for a massage or facial we promise not to leave it so long next time, yet life gets busy and all too often these intentions fall away.

At Unwind you can enjoy relaxation, improved lymphatic system and tension release from a massage.  Or perhaps you’d prefer the balance and mental clarity that comes from a session of energetic healing?  Clear skin from a good facial or perfectly polished nails never fail to boost confidence and give us a sense of having really taken care of ourselves.  We are offering 20-minute taster sessions for those who want to try something new and 50-minute treatments are also available for the full experience.  We hope these options will enable you to fit as much pampering in as possible.

Please do book in advance to ensure you don’t miss out.  Join our mailing list below to be the first see our full list of treatments and online booking form when it goes online.

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