Veggie Planet

Veggie Planet has been travelling the UK serving healthy and freshly prepared vegan and vegetarian food for nearly ten years.  They are usually found cooking in a field at some of the countries largest festivals, but on 30th June and 1st July they will be joining our smaller but beautifully formed Unwind Festival.

“At Veggie Planet we pride ourselves on our passion for serving true value, soul satisfying food. Try our fresh salads, falafel, veggie burgers, veggie burritos and chilli non-carne. Vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians all enjoy our food; our idea has been to create dishes that appeal to everyone. By serving the freshest organic vegetables combined with soya we create authentic-tasting meals so that people can still enjoy their favourite dishes like chilli, burritos and burgers – but purely vegan and vegetarian.”

Doug Hyatt, Founder of Veggie Planet

It is very important to Veggie Planet that their food is produced in a way that has minimal impact on animals and the environment.  They do this by only using non-meat products that are organic where possible, and sourced from local suppliers and farmers.  Your food will be transported and cooked in a vehicle running on bio fuel, and served to you in biodegradable packaging.  You will be able to do your body some good, and our beautiful planet no harm, when you choose your meal from Veggie Planet’s delicious menu.