Ali Epstone

MindWave Meditation

Find Ali giving private meditation sessions in our Restore Tents, and speaking and leading a meditation in a Mind Tent.

Ali will be with us on Saturday and Sunday.

I’ve studied Mindfulness, Zen Psychology, Vipassana, Insight, Vedic/Transcendental Meditation and other mystic and healing practises, alongside enjoying a daily practice of Yoga and Qi Gong.

Through this ongoing self-healing journey, I’ve created MindWave, to share these practices and techniques with you in an easy and simple way.  It’s wonderful to witness the incredible transformations that my clients achieve.  It is my intention and hope, that you too will discover your inner truth, desire or mission in life by taking this MindWave journey.

I believe that all negative forms of suffering, can be quite easy to manage and dissolve when you know how.  Stress, anxiety, depression, frustration and overwhelm is ever present but can be easily managed when you have the tools.  These tools are often very simple, yet profound and I enjoy sharing and honouring them everyday.”

– Ali Epstone, MindWave Meditation

A meditation session with Ali is a private session tailored to you and your level of meditation experience, usually through a home visit or video call. We are really lucky to have Ali joining us at Unwind to offer private 50 minute meditation sessions in our holistic tents. Spaces are very limited so once the booking system is live, act quickly to book a Sunday morning appointment with him.

If you don’t manage to book a private session with Ali, you will be able to listen to him give a talk offering practical, simple tools and techniques to implement Mindfulness into daily life, followed by a guided a meditation in the Mind Tents.

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