Camilla Baker

Stable House Meditation

Find Camilla leading meditation in the Mind Tents, and talking on stage in the Main Tent.

Camilla will be with us on both the Saturday and Sunday.

Camilla Baker teaches Vedic meditation, an ancient effortless technique to calm the busy mind by using the sounds of a mantra. These sounds lead the mind inwards to go beyond thinking, to what is known as transcending. She teaches this technique from her beautiful National Trust home, Owletts in Kent, where she also leads Cacao Ceremonies and Forest School events.

Camilla will lead a couple of meditations over the Unwind Festival weekend, one of which is the Water Meditation, a beginner’s technique of mindfully accessing quiet. Those that don’t manage to meditate with Camilla in her first session will then have another chance when she leads Joyful Breathing, a simple meditative technique.

Camilla has extended her knowledge of Vedic meditation by studying the practice and philosophy of the Vedas, a collection of hymns and religious texts originating from India. She is especially interested in how the legends and fables can provide practical inspiration for busy people (especially working parents) in modern times. We are over the moon that Camilla will be taking the time to share these thought provoking ideas with us in a couple of talks at Unwind Festival on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

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