Helen Croydon

Helen Croydon
Author, Journalist and Broadcaster

Find Helen on the stage speaking in the Main Tent.

Helen will be with us on the Sunday.

Helen Croydon is an author, journalist and broadcaster. She has written for all UK national newspapers and several magazines including Psychologies, Cosmo, Top Sante, Best, with a focus on social trends, modern relationships, gender issues and health and fitness.  She is also a freelance producer at ITV News, having started her journalism career as a TV and radio producer.  

You may have seen her reviewing the papers on BBC News Channel or Sky News or joining topical discussions on programmes such as Good Morning Britain, Woman’s Hour or Newsnight.

  She is also a media and writing coach, using her multimedia background to train PRs, comms teams and entrepreneurs on getting into the press and on writing. 

On weekends she’s a keen triathlete and loves an epic endurance challenge.

We are super excited that Helen will be with us at Unwind to give a talk and Q&A based on the story of her latest book ‘This Girl Ran: Tales of a Party Girl Turned Triathlete’, a memoir about going from glamorous city girl to GB triathlete. Four years ago, Helen Croydon was the sort of girl who wouldn’t even walk to the tube in the rain in case it ruined her hair. Three years later she was swimming in freezing cold reservoirs, fixing punctures in hailstorms while out cycling, and on her way to World Championship Triathlon. 

In this inspiring and funny talk Helen will tell her story of ditching her city girl lifestyle for the challenges and rewards of outdoor sport. You absolutely will not want to miss her!

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