Joanna Fazzani

Seeking Stillness Yoga

Find Joanna giving people KORE Therapy in the Restore Tents and leading Yin Yoga in the Move Tents.

Joanna will be with us on Saturday and Sunday.

With ten years of teaching experience in Yin, restorative and Hatha yoga, and hundreds of hours of further study, Joanna offers tailored yoga classes suitable for all ages and abilities. This Unwind weekend Joanna will be leading us in a couple of Yin yoga classes.

Despite looking very relaxing and gentle, Yin yoga can be a challenging, yet immensely rewarding yoga practice. During the class you can expect to stay in passive yoga poses which are held for a number of minutes at a time, often using a variety of props such as blankets, bolsters and blocks. Focus will be given on the breath as a primary component of controlling the mind, which has the tendency to wander or become distracted by whatever the pose throws up for the practitioner. After a number of minutes, we often find that the body begins to let go of resistance and starts to open more deeply, or perhaps a shift can occur where the practitioner is able to let go of any held tensions or stresses, both physically or mentally. Calm feelings of serenity and peace can be the result, often leading to a really good night’s sleep afterwards!

Joanna’s talents do not end at yoga. As a KORE therapist, Joanna helps clients with a variety of conditions, injuries and imbalance. KORE Therapy integrates the best of both Eastern and Western assessments and treatment skills. The belief is that for a fast recovery all systems of the body, including the nerves, muscles, blood, organs, lymph, digestion and more, need to be evaluated and treated as they all influence each other. Treatment then focuses on the root cause and by releasing these to benefit the whole body. A KORE Therapy treatment may include Tuina massage, cupping, Amno Fu (deep organ massage), tongue diagnosis, Qi Gong and more. Treatments are generally fully clothed and extremely gentle – entirely suitable for all ages and conditions.

Joanna will be providing KORE Therapy in the Restore tents over Unwind weekend, a perfect opportunity to ease any aches, pains and conditions that may be troubling you. You will be able to book yourself in for a Feeling Curious (20 minute) appointment or The Works (50 minutes).


  • Carol Williams
    Posted May 3, 2018 8:55 pm 0Likes

    Hi do we know what time the yin will be please

    • Juliana Gedney
      Posted May 4, 2018 12:57 pm 0Likes

      Hi Carol,

      We are still working on the schedule so can’t confirm exact times just yet. However, Joanna’s class will be sometime in the afternoon (after 3pm on Saturday, after 1pm on Sunday) as she will be in the Restore tents providing KORE Therapy in the morning. Exact times will be up on the website soon! We will email out to let you know when they are there.

      I hope that helps for now!

      Juliana. x

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