Lesley Durke

Yoga Vitality

Find Lesley practicing yoga in our Move Tents.

Lesley will be with us on Saturday.

Lesley is a former gymnast who has always found great joy in the freedom of movement. Before training as a yoga teacher she was a hospital pharmacist specialising in orthopaedics and rheumatology. This gave her an excellent grounding in anatomy and physiology.

Yoga came into her life at a time of great personal distress, and so the ability of yoga to help people emotionally as well as physically drives her passion for teaching. In her classes she strives to help people develop a balance between flexibility and strength, give people a better understanding of movement and posture, as well as teaching calming breathing exercises and relaxation.

A qualified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Sports Coach, Lesley currently runs popular yoga classes around the Dartford area, and also provides one to one yoga sports training to athletes. She will be joining us at Unwind Festival on the Saturday to teach yoga classes. These will include posture work, breath work and guided relaxation.

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