Sophie Bruwer

The Wiser Self

Find Sophie leading Sophrology in our Mind Tents.

Sophie will be with is on both Saturday and Sunday.

Sophie Bruwer will be introducing us to Sophrology this Unwind Festival. Created in 1960 by neuroscientist Professor Caycedo, Sophrology can be described as conscious awareness training for the body and mind. A combination of Western relaxation methods, hypnosis, phenomenology, yoga, Japanese Zen and Buddhist meditation, this mixture of techniques can be adapted for any situation. Used as a daily practice, Sophrology will improve general wellbeing, bring positivity, peace and help you reach your full inner potential. Although only recently introduced to the UK, Sophrology has been very popular and used extensively in in the health profession in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain for over 55 years.

Sophie has been practising Sophrology for 3 years and is currently in the final year of training to become a Sophrology Practitioner with the Sophrology Academy. Sophie experienced first hand the power and benefits of Sophrology when using it to help her through a very difficult and stressful period in her life. These simple techniques have helped her become more positive and better able to manage emotions, whilst making Sophie more grounded and able to listen to what she really wants in life. Sophie’s passion for Sophrology is something she loves to share, and we are so very fortunate that she will be sharing her knowledge with us at Unwind weekend.

Sophrology can be practiced by anyone regardless of age and physical condition, so do come and join Sophie on either the Saturday or Sunday in the Mind tents.

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