Theresa Borg

Positively Joyous

Find Theresa giving Auric Imprint Readings in the Restore Tents, and talking on stage in the Main Tent.

Theresa will be with us on both the Saturday and Sunday.

Theresa is the founder and director of a successful private practice, Positively Joyous Hypnotherapy and Coaching based in Bromley, South East London. She has been a qualified Hypnotherapist since 2009 and completed her Psychotherapy diploma a year later. She is an Acknowledged Supervisor for other professionals with the General Hypnotherapy Register and the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.

Graded as a level 1 ‘Outstanding’ teacher, Theresa teaches a range of psychology, spirituality, mindfulness and meditation courses and workshops, both privately and for the London boroughs of Bromley and Greenwich. Theresa has recently published her first book, “Tour the Core – The Pathway to a Positively Joyous Life”.

She is known and respected as a lively and positive inspirational motivator who teaches with integrity and a sense of fun. She prides herself on being able to present complex theory and concepts in a straight forward and easy to understand format.  In recent years she has developed her psychic and intuitive skills to now offer Intuitive Auric Readings, an intuitive reading of energy and aura focusing on the chakra centres.

Theresa is going to share this enlightening and revealing skill with you in our Restore Tents. If you are feeling curious and would like to try an Auric Imprint Reading, we recommend you book yourself in for 20 minute Feeling Curious appointment with Theresa. We are you sure you will find the results fascinating. Theresa will take a break from the Restore Tents to teach you how to “Take Control Of Your Thoughts”, from the stage in the Main Tents. If any of you suffer with negative chatter you simply must take some time to listen.

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